Will Graphic Design & Marketing



“I was most impressed with your creativity, and your commitment to a design that works and tells a story. I didn’t ask for a logo, but you came up with one that improved upon the previous and I’m thrilled with it. You increased my awareness of design elements, stated your case, but let me decide. You made your case well, and I saw things I didn’t notice until you pointed them out. Thank you!”

Jim Peterson
Marketing Manager
Company Number One

“Rob took my ideas and made them a reality. He went above and beyond what I expected and really captured the essence of my brand. He was honest and forthright with his suggestions. When I asked him if I should change the entire look of my current logo, he offered his honest expert advice and didn’t lead me down a path that would be destructive to my business. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Julie Knowles
Administrative Consultant
Company Number Five

You redesigned our menus to the betterment of our business! By clever rearrangement and font changes, you created a much more stylish, readable and functional menu. It allowed us to put more info in the same space and was less confusing to customers. You were easy to work with, open to input and very prompt in your follow-through and turn-around times.”

Mike Slater
Company Number Three

“You truly understand the needs of your clients. With many project changes and a switch in ownership, you were patient and helpful throughout the entire process. Your web design and menu work is top-notch and represents our establishment in a vibrant and colorful manner. You are a gem to work with!”

Leslie Stockbridge
Compan Number Two